Trenti industria Occhiali fu fondata nel 1959 a Calalzo di Cadore da Mario Trenti, uno dei pionieri dell’occhialeria Cadorina e dal nipote Valter Da Rin, all’epoca solo diciottenne, che ne diviene il Presidente nel 1973, alla prematura scomparsa dello zio.

Specializing in processing time frames in acetate, the company soon began to expand its markets in Europe and the Americas.

The foresight and vision of the new President made ​​that the Trenti was the first Italian to dedicate a collection dedicated exclusively to children, and so was born in 1979 Lilliput line, which to this day is our flagship.

The sophisticated line Roberto Cabras, launched in 2004, bears the name of its creator and our designers and offers a wide range of models in acetate, metal or combined together using innovative materials such as wood or leather and reflect the creativity of their inventor.

Over the last decade the rewards are not missed because the company, thanks to the line Lilliput, has been awarded the prestigious awards such as the First Prize Veneto Innovation for a special hinge recognized as the most innovative industrial product and two awards Silmo d 'Gold, always in the category Best Product.

Since 2000, the Trenti has moved its headquarters to Caralte, in the municipality of Perarolo di Cadore, where a large and modern facility, along with advanced machinery, allows you to meet the increasingly diverse needs of the market.




The company believes much in innovation and research; has repeatedly studied and patenting new products and materials that enable various collections stand out on the market.

All this never forgetting the quality that distinguishes it from more than 50 years. Our products are constantly being tested at qualified laboratories. Careful quality control processes to guarantee a finish of almost every eyewear craftsmanship.

Certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 Trenti continues to pursue its objectives that led it to celebrate the prestigious milestone of 55 years, persevering in its guidelines listed above.L’azienda Cadorina  crede molto nell’innovazione e nella ricerca; ha più volte studiato e brevettando nuovi prodotti e materiali che permettono alle varie collezioni di distinguersi sul mercato.