Mario Trenti, the first of seven children, was born in Perarolo di Cadore November 23, 1905.

The Trenti Glasses Industry, founded in 1959, is one of the few companies in the 50s still in business and is named after its founder.

Mario, like most of his peers, he had a difficult childhood and poor, but still carefree. The First World War, which ended in 1918, had also left in Cadore signs of destruction and, having reached the age of work, Mario began working at Safilo, then moved to Lozza and demonstrating from the outset a particular predisposition to creativity, talent primary "prototype maker" even in our days.

The story of the entrepreneur Mario Trenti is very simple, made ​​of small but steady steps, carried out with sacrifice, but also with conviction.

Gained a good experience, Mario founded in 1939 with three friends the Borca Eyewear & Co., a company of over one hundred employees, who worked in the industry until 1956. 

In 1958, relying on the help and cooperation of the then seventeen year old grandson Walter, the enterprising Mario decides to continue the business in the eyewear sector, which had already reserved a lot of satisfaction.

So, in 1959, the Trenti, then a workshop based on the processing of celluloid glasses. Valter grew uncle in finding a second father, but above all a great teacher who revealed all the secrets and tricks of the trade.

Between uncle and nephew with the establishment of an ideal relationship, the fact of mutual respect and trust, so the start of proved promising.

The company bought the name and personality, and also conquered an important place in the export. In 1973, Mario became seriously ill and soon died, leaving Valter unexpectedly alone and struggling with a company to drive.

Mario is remembered for his resourcefulness, creativity and joie de vivre, which is manifested in the work, as in other activities such as football, skiing, hunting and fishing.